Buku Cerita Bersuara Siri Koleksi Kisah 25 Nabi dan Rasul

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Using "Pen Baca Ria EDUPRO", your children would understand better the story collections of Al-Quran.

- Pen Baca Ria EDUPRO (4GB)
- USB Cable and battery charger
- Book Collection of 25 Nabi and Rasul:
(1) First Series:  Nabi Adam a.s. Manusia Pertama; Nabi Idris a.s. Tinggal di Langit; Nabi Nuh a.s. dengan Banjir Besar; Nabi Hud a.s. dengan kaum' Ad; Nabi Salih a.s. dengan Unta (5 books)
(2) Second Series: Nabi Ibrahim a.s. Dibakar; Nabi Lut a.s. Menerima Tetamu-tetamu; Nabi Ismail a.s. yang Pasrah; Nabi Ishak a.s. Kurnia Allah SWT; Nabi Yaakub a.s. Membawa Diri (5 books)
- Early Knowledge Series: Buku Asas Saya; Buku Bijak Saya; Buku Cerdik Saya; Buku Dinamik Saya (4 books)


1) To train your children to read and let reading become one of their hobbies.

2) To encourage your children understanding the story of 25 Nabi and Rasul as this is Muslim parents' responsibility towards their children.

3) Your children can understand well the stories in the Al-Quran.

4) Convenient for parents who do not have time to teach and educate children at home.

5) To train and educate your children to learn different languages such as Malay, English and Arabic. 

6) To accelerate and expedite the reading and learning process of your children.

** 6 months of warranty

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