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Finally, we're proud to announce, We're ready for orders!

As Montessori Materials are very costly, our IPA and Phonics tutor, Ms Lim had decided to come out with more affordable version of materials.

With months of searching for best material, dealing with tooling supplier, trial and error with different materials and sizes, finally we have come out with our very own set of movable alphabet set.

After eliminating various types of materials, we're finally settled with 3mm book binding board, each alphabet comes with 6 pieces, 

Together with plastic container, and cards below:

Pink picture cards

Pink word cards

Blue picture cards

Blue word cards

*5 pieces each.

Attached there's comparison between Large Movable Alphabet, Small Movable Alphabet and our very own Movable Alphabet. Our alphabet is medium size.

There are many ways to utilize this set of Movable Alphabets. Participants are welcomed to be back to classroom for revision to learn more on ways to use it.


蒙氏教育的教材一路来在幼教都被受肯定,但由于其教材从设计到材料选择, 到产品质量都严格把关, 所以价格不是一般家庭所能负担的。

去年到现在, 已经陆续办了十多场 Phonics & IPA 课程后,我们发觉很多父母愿意抽时间陪伴孩子一起学习,唯缺少一些“平民价”的教材。于是在经过近半年的不断修正, 改进后, 这套 Moving Alphabets 即将产生了。(现已在最后的包装阶段)

从设计整套教材, 选择字体,(字体在蒙式教育里非常讲究)亲自接洽模具制造商, 试用了不同的材质, 修改刀模数次之后, 最后决定采用 3mm 厚度的韩国进口顶级书本纸。

附上 Large Movable Alphabet, Small Movable Alphabet, 还有我们的 Movable Alphabet 的对比。 我们的属于 Medium.

每个字母都有 6 个, 还有 4 套 卡, 各 5 张。也会附上使用说明。 有上过 IPA and Phonics workshop 的应该多少会懂一些。

这套虽然是 phonics 的教材,但它还涵盖了以下功能:

让孩子们更有效率地学习拼音、阅读、以及写字。 也能用作听写练习。

老师也欢迎大家在来临周末的 IPA+Phonics 工作坊回来免费复习, 学习如何运用字母教孩子 phonics。

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